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Foil Printing and Embossing

Enhance your brand's visual appeal with our exquisite foiling and embossing services.

Our skilled team meticulously create stunning metallic accents and raised textures that add elegance and sophistication to your printed materials.

Stand out and create a lasting impression with our premium foiling and embossing solutions.

We also offer digital foiling which is not only super-fast, but even for small quantities we can fit your budget.

With a huge range of colours and effects to choose from, we can make you shine.


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How do I set-up a print file for foiling or embossing?

We will be publishing an article on this shortly. But for now, the foiling or embossing element should be set-up as a spot colour, on a separate layer. Our pre-press studio can help with this if required.

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How long does it take?

For short runs, or time critical work, we have digital foiling presses, so it's even possible to offer a same day service. For longer runs it may be more economical to use our hot foil presses which typically is a five day service. For embossing/debossing this is a five day service too, due to dies being required for this process.

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What foil colour choices do I have?

As standard we stock the common colours; silver, gold, rose gold, white, red and blue. There are of course many colour choices and we can have these in stock on a next day service. Swatches are available on request.

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Is foiling eco-friendly?

Aluminum is one of the worlds most recyclable products, theoretically being able to be recycled an unlimited number of times.

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Can you emboss a foiled area?

Yes, this is possible, and creates a very unique visual.

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Can you add gilt edging?

Yes, we offer gilt edging which can really elevate invitations.

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Do you keep the dies?

We can keep any dies that we make, which will save on costs for re-runs at a later date. For reference, no dies are required for digital foiling.